"It is imperative that one always

improve upon the previous."


WET WORK Founder,

Sam Slobusky​

Founded in 2007 and based in New Orleans, our services are available globally, no matter how distant or remote your locale.


WET WORK maintains very tight scrutiny over every aspect of our projects, and we have zero tolerance for anything less than excellence.


We take our partnerships seriously, whether it is the custom aquatic system we build and its inhabitants, or our clients that come to us for an unparalleled experience.

Collaboration with your architects, interior designers and contractors is an essential element in the design process for system incorporation pre-construction or during renovations. For stand-alone installations or those occupying existing space we work directly with you, the client.

WET WORK has created valuable relationships with the finest manufacturers and craftsmen to ensure optimum functionality, accessibility and longevity of your custom aquatic system.​


We work with only the best — in design, equipment, installation and customer service.

We know the “wow” moment is when you see your custom aquatic system comes to life, but effective long term maintenance is essential. Our personally designed installations and system upgrades greatly reduce labor, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your aquarium or pond.​

“There is no greater fortune than being able to do what one truly loves for a living. My work is my life. I have traveled to wonderful places, met and worked with wonderful people, and watched systems grow and develop along with my clients’ knowledge and enjoyment. This is the ultimate reward for what I do.”


WET WORK Founder,

Sam Slobusky​

Soon, his first marine aquarium was set up – a tiny and primitive 30-gallon system. It was followed by a 125-gallon system he hand built with the invaluable assistance of Dick Boyd during the summer between his junior and senior high school years. Fast forward to 1990– After architecture school and a year in St. Thomas, Sam moved to New Orleans where he designed components for a replication of a Reef Microcosm as outlined in Dynamic Aquaria (Adey & Loveland, 1991). Another similar system was set up in 1997 with much success.​

Born in 1962 under a Gemini sun yards from the shores of Biscayne Bay, Florida, Sam's fascination with marine life began at a very early age. Using his seine net, he and his friends would identify and log their captures from the grass flats of Matheson Hammock. At 13, he received his Junior Scuba Diver certification from Dick Rutkowski and NAUI, then making many trips with the family to dive The Bahamas and Florida Keys. This was the mid-1970's and the reefs were still pristine, abounding with fish and healthy corals.​

Sam has been an avid aquarist, scuba diver and researcher since, and in 2007 Wet Work was founded to offer his decades of experience to his clients and provide a more personal and attentive approach to aquatic systems design and development. At 59, his love for the sea and all life in it continues undiminished while more adventures await...​


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WET WORK features cutting edge aquarium and aquatic system design and installation, offering custom reef aquaria, freshwater planted systems, freshwater or marine ponds, and more.​