Our professional consultation service enables those of you that can build a system yourself to get the support you need for specific  phases of your project. Whether your questions are related to system efficiency, plumbing design, controller programming, fluid dynamics, cable management, aquascaping or lighting, we have the answers you need, no matter how complex.​

It's never too soon to begin planning your system. We will work closely with your architects, interior designers and contractors. Down to the most minute detail, CAD drawings are provided as a guide for the construction of your system. Whether you do the installation or we do, perfect planning is the only way to ensure efficient and seamless execution.​

Our custom aquarium and aquatic system installations are what set us apart from the crowd. No detail is so small that it doesn't receive the utmost attention. From precisely measured and placed components to cable management that is second to none, this is the ultimate service we provide. And we provide this service anywhere on the globe, no matter how distant or remote.​

We get it. Sometimes life gets in the way and the next thing you know, your once-beautiful aquatic system is overrun by pests or algae, or your stormwater pipes are clogged. With our decades of experience, we can bring back any system, no matter how severely ailing, within a surprisingly short timeframe. Don't give up on the hobby you love. Get in touch with us instead.​


First, the space is carefully measured and photographed then sketches, line drawings, and finally 3D renderings are created​.

Once all designs are refined and revised, production of the custom components begins.​

Often, a client will request a personal inspection by us to confirm the absolute finest craftsmanship. Once inspected, all components are shipped to the installation location.​

Moving day! It takes a team of trained professionals to safely move and place a heavy glass aquarium in its final location without damaging the owner's property or causing injury​

Now for the fun part - designing and installing the ceramic reef structure and placing the custom filtration components in the cabinet for the first time!​

Plumbing and electrical installation begins. Upon completion, the tank is filled, controllers are programmed and the system is brought operational.​

A year later, the system is thriving, fully stocked with an enviable collection of rare fish and corals.​

LED lighting is installed and programmed after connection to previously placed hanging cables and power supply cord.


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WET WORK features cutting edge aquarium and aquatic system design and installation, offering custom reef aquaria, freshwater planted systems, freshwater or marine ponds, and more.​